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Jan 23, 2010 7:30pm EST
the punitive death toll in haiti, yet the international community, including the united states, gave $6.3 billion to help mitch victims. question. before the earthquake this year, haiti received $700 million inned a per year on a per capita basis. haiti was one of the world's largest foreign aid recipients. what is haiti's track record in handling foreign aid? do i have a volunteer? you write editorials. >> i write editorials. this is a question we haven't explored, but clearly, given the death toll and given the horrific images we've seen out of haiti, the money isn't well spent. i mean, haiti still is and remains the poorest country in the caribbean and in the western hemisphere. the money is going in, but it's not being put to effective use. >> you've heard of the wall street -- >> i'm not confirming the "wall street journal" and its massive circulation. but january 19th this week, he said haiti received $701 million in foreign aid in 2007. on a per capita basis, haiti between 86 and 2002 finds haiti has a tote at mismatch of foreign aid and government capacity to absorb it. where
Jan 17, 2010 11:30am EST
in the wake of this very horrible tragedy. >> from the time the united states became a global power and i'm thinking back to the monroe doctrine about the united states and our sphere of influence, you are asking about strategic interest in rebuilding haiti. i do think that there is interest on the part of the united states strategically to engage haiti and make sure that this epic human catastrophe resolves itself, and this is going to take a very long time, but look, the united states was the first one to announce humanitarian help. we're always the biggest contributor when natural disasters happen in the world. no other country on the face of the earth in the history of the world does more to help people in situations like this than the united states of america. we always deliver. the question is, how best to do this? and when you look back since 1992, since the clintons were in office, what you've seen is a dedication of $3 billion from the united states going into haiti. it is still incredibly poor despite all of this effort on the part of the united states and other nations. i
Jan 2, 2010 7:30pm EST
, yelling you lie at president of the united states during a joint session of congress. bad theater. >> is that carolinian? >> yes. no french kings there. >> the worst political theater. the august town hall meetings masquerading as the real america, when they were taken over by a minority of a minority, yelling and shouting a ab centis. >> and they were racist? >> oh, come on. that is absurd. >> monica. >> that was his best political theater, worst political theater? what political theater? i lost my train of thought. >> this was, yes, this was when the white house passed out those white lab coats to the doctors to use them as props to suggest that all doctors support obama care, when 80% oppose it. >> the whole story was exposed. the white house was passing out the white coats. mort. >> governor patterson sending caroline kennedy out to replace hillary clinton. is this what you call political hokey pokey and he puts his left foot in his mouth and his right foot in his mouth and he turns around. >> harry reid say opponents were like slave holders. okay, worst political scandal. >>
Jan 10, 2010 11:30am EST
on thursday made a statement in acknowledgement that the united states is at war in a statement that could have been written by dick cheney and delivered by president obama. the 9/11 commission, as you'll recall, john, said al qaeda and extremists are at war with the united states, we were not at war with them. he's finally made that acknowledgement. the problem is, as you pointed out right there, is that he's giving mixed signals to the intelligence and law enforcement communities where he's treating this as a criminal justice problem in giving these foreign enemy combatants the full panaple of constitutional rights which they are not entitled. just this week, he's had a consistent approach. when you are taking the worst of the worsts giving them constitutional rights, bringing them to new york city to have a circus atmosphere of a trial. on the one hand, he's prosecuting very effectively with the military component escalating the drone attacks in afghanistan, pakistan and yemen. i've given him credit for that. on the other hand, closing gitmo, shutting down enhanced interrogation t
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)